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Plastazote® and Evazote® Foams


Plastazote FoamManufactured by Zotefoams Plc, Plastazote® and Evazote® foams are unique in that they are expanded using inert Nitrogen gas. This means that any residual “blowing” agent that may leech out over a period of time will be the inert Nitrogen. Available in a range of densities, from 18 kg/m3 to 115 kg/m3, the most commonly used grade in prosthetics and orthotics is LD45 for Plastazote® and EV50 for Evazote®

Plastazote® is an expanded polyethylene foam, whilst Evazote® is an expanded polyethylene/eva copolymer foam.

Suitable for padding, cushioning, lightweight splinting applications, shoe build up’s and lower limb prosthetic cosmetic finishing.


  • Plastazote foam is a closed cell crosslinked polyethylene foam which is blown using Nitrogen.
  • Various densities of material available
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Will thermoform into simple and complex shapes


North Sea Plastics can supply the following thickness:
2mm through to 27mm in most densities.


Also available in the following colours:
Various colours


Sheet size:

Sheet sizes vary according to material density.


Moulding temperature:

140°C - 160°C / 284°C - 320°F

Cooking time:

Cooking time: 3 minutes per mm thickness. N.B. As all ovens have slightly different heating
characteristics please use our recommended timings as a guide only.


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