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Northfoam® 33, Northfoam® 140 & Northfoam® 170.



Closed cell polyethylene foam

Density 33, 140 and 170 Kg/m³

Northfoam® 33 is a lightweight padding material

Northfoam® 170 is a fairly dense foam, with a relatively smooth surface finish, making it suitable for a number of applications in orthotics and prosthetics. Northfoam® 170 is used in prosthetics mainly for BK socket liners, and in orthotics for foot orthotics for padding and lining purposes.

Northfoam® 140 is a slightly softer grade of Northfoam® 170, and is only available in a SilverShield® antimicrobial grade, flesh colour. Northfoam® 140 is suitable for manufacturing BK socket liners, and foot orthotics.

Northfoam® 33 is an extruded foam, which provides a skin on both surfaces of the material, no matter the thickness. This skin leaves no exposed “cells”, which capture dirt and microbes, providing a wipe clean surface. With a density of just 33kg/m3 , Northfoam® 33 has good cushioning properties. The main use is in orthotic applications for padding and lining purposes


Prosthetic Socket Liner

Foot Insoles

Data Sheets

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Sheet size:

Northfoam® 140 & 170 – 950 x 950mm
Northfoam® 33 – Roll form 1m wide

Available in the following thickness:

Northfoam® 140 & 170 – 2mm through to 35mm
Northfoam® 33 – 3mm, 4mm and 6mm

Available in the following colours:

Northfoam® 140 & 170 – Flesh
Northfoam® 33 – White

Moulding temperature:

Northfoam® 140 & 170 – 120°C – 150°C / 266°F – 302°F
Northfoam® 33 – 120°C / 248°F

Cooking time:
3 minutes per mm thickness.

N.B. As all ovens have slightly different
heating characteristics please use our
recommended timings as a guide only.

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