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SeaFlex® is our second generation of flexible materials for orthotics and prosthetics. Having developed Northvane®, we listened to customers comments, and feedback to develop SeaFlex®.

SeaFlex® is lighter in weight than any other flexible material currently available for P & O. A common problem with materials containing low density polyethylene is discolouration after a period of time being worn. This discolouration has a number of causes, the main one being exposure to human skin oil. SeaFlex® is much, much more resistant to discolouration and over 13 years of use has proven the fact that SeaFlex® does not discolour very easily. To give more choice to the amputee for comfort levels, SeaFlex® is produced in three distinct grades of flexibility, 100 (very flexible), 200 (flexible) and 300 (stiff).

The three grades of flexibility also provides more choice for use in the manufacture of various orthotic devices. SeaFlex® is used to manufacture SMO’s, wrist splints, protective helmets, neck braces, and body jackets.

SeaFlex® is a very stable, forgiving material when being moulded, and exhibits no shrinkage after it has been moulded.


The latest generation of polyolefin elastomer.

Three distinct grades of flexibility giving maximum choice to the end user.

Seaflex 100® – Ultraflex. The most flexible thermoplastic sheet material in the world.

Seaflex 200® – Medium flex. Nearest equivalent to Northvane®.

Seaflex 300® – Stiff. Still more flexible than low density polyethylene.

Lightweight – The lightest thermoplastic sheet material in the market.

Unique to North Sea Plastics Ltd.

Excellent tear resistance; Seaflex® can be stitched or riveted.

No shrinkage.


Flexible Liner Sockets

Lightweight Prosthetic Liner Sockets


Protective Helmets

Neck Braces

Body Jackets

Draping Guide

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Seaflex video

Data Sheets

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Sheet size for orthotics:
3.2mm, 4.8mm – 1220mm x 1220mm
6.4mm, 9.5mm, 12.7mm,
16mm – 1220mm x 812mm

Square size for prosthetics:
305 x 305mm, 343 x 343mm, 406 x 406mm, 450 x 450mm

Available in the following thickness:
3.2mm, 4.8mm, 6.4mm, 9.5mm,
12.7mm, 16mm

Tolerance on thickness:
3.2mm (min 2.4mm, max 4.lmm)
4.8mm (min 3.9mm, max 5.6mm)
6.4mm ±10% (mean)
9.5mm ±15% (mean)
12.5mm and above ±15% (mean).

Available in the following colours:

Moulding temperature:
Orthotics 150°C / 302°F
Prosthetics 150°C / 302°F

Cooking time:
3 minutes per mm thickness.

N.B. As all ovens have slightly different
heating characteristics please use our
recommended timings as a guide only.

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