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SilverShield® antibacterial thermoplastic


* Northvane® Silvershield® & Northfoam® 170 Silvershield® have been tested by the Fresenius Institute (Test Report 64550, 27 June 2006) and classified as harmless with regard to skin irritation. Northvane® Silvershield® & Northfoam® 170 Silvershield® have passed tests for cytotoxicity (BSL Bioservice Project Nos. 062730 A&B, 4 September, 2006)


Inhibits development of bacteria

Laboratory tested against Staphylococcus Aureus and E. Coli

Helps reduce production of stale odours

Medically and environmentally safe, non-toxic and non-irritation*

Free of organic antibacterial agents

Long term antibacterial effect

Physical and moulding characteristics are unaffected by antimicrobial agent


Flexible Liner Sockets

Lightweight Prosthetic Liner Sockets


Protective Helmets

Neck Braces

Body Jackets

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SilverShield® is available with other materials from the NSP range. Combining the qualities of some of our most popular thermoplastics with the antibacterial properties of SilverShield®.

Northvane® SilverShield®

Northfoam® 140 SilverShield®

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