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Thermoplastic Convection Ovens

oven for prosthetics


Thermoplastic Heating Oven for ORTHOTICS

Interior Chamber Dimensions:
H 380mm x W1200mm x D 815mm

External Dimensions:
H 730mm x W 1490mm x D 975mm

Power Requirements:
Total heating power is 6.0kW

Power Supply Required:
400 volts 3 phase and Neutral rated at 10 amps per phase

Chamber Access:
Single top hinged door opens upwards manually assisted by gas struts Door is fitted with a 200mm square multiglazed window. Chamber is illuminated

Thermoplastic Draping Oven for PROSTHETICS

Interior Chamber Dimensions:
H 750mm x W 610mm x D 510mm

External Dimensions:
H 920mm x W 965mm x D 670mm

Power Requirements:
Total heating power is 2.25kW

Power Supply Required:
220/240volts single phase 50/60Hz or 110 volts single phase 60Hz

Chamber Access:
Single front door hinged on left side and fitted with a viewing window 240mm wide x 400mm high. Chamber is illuminated

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Exterior Materials and Finish:
Zinc coated mild steel sheet with a blue stoved epoxy powder paint finish

Working Temperature Range:
50°C to 250°C Max

Temperature Stability:
Better than 1°C under steady state conditions

Temperature Uniformity:
Better than 5°C across the support shelf

Temperature Sensor:
Type “K” Mineral Insulated Thermocouple

Temperature Control:
Eurotherm 301 digital 3 term controller

Thermal Insulation:
High quality ceramic fibre blanket

Power Control:
Thyristor based solid state relay working in fast cycle zero voltage switching mode

Air Circulation:
Forced air circulation by rear mounted fan and air guide system

Heating Elements:
Mineral Insulated metal sheathed

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